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Hey Doc,

An Adult Party Game for

Healthcare Workers & Students

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How it works

How to Play

Anyone can play Hey Doc, it's easy, fun, and a great way to study!


To begin the game, each player draws 10 white cards and will maintain 10 white cards throughout the game by picking up a new white card after each round. 

The player who has had the most recent bowel movement will become the first “patient” and will pick up a green question card and read the card out loud. The other players will submit a white card face down in response.

The “patient” will then read out loud all of the white cards and will pick the card that they like the best. The player who has the best card will keep the question card and the game continues on. The player to the left becomes the “patient” and draws the next green card. 

The winner of the game is the player who first collects 11 green cards.


From medical professionals to students and anatomy nerds, anyone can play


Easy to play, quick to understand rules, simple to set up and get going in no time


A great way to study and learn while having a good time with your friends


What better way to give back to the medical community than to give them a way to unwind?


Spend some quality with friends, hilarious prompts, we could all use that laugh


High quality cards and packaging, ultra portable to take and play anywhere


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Thanks to your support, Hey Doc was able to raise $19,126! To learn more about preordering and to get more Hey Doc updates, follow us on Instagram linked below. We cannot thank you enough for making this possible!

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